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They are sometimes kept as pets and are favored by some wizards as familiars. This Large quadruped is used as a mount and pack animal. Horses can be trained for war but otherwise are skittish around battle. Many cultures support breeding programs and often consider their horse the best at whatever task they breed it to perform.

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Heavy Horse : These horses are often used as portage animals, pulling significant loads across great distances. Heavy Horse Combat Trained : Heavy warhorses are bred and trained for war. They are often are outfitted with heavy barding, but fight just as fiercely even without the armor. Light Horse Combat Trained : These light warhorses are bred for war and are favored by fast and light cavalry, scouts, and daredevil knights. Pony : These creatures are typically used for carting goods along narrow mountain trails or as steeds for young or Small riders.

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Pony Combat Trained : Ponies can be trained for war just as effectively as their larger, more mature brethren. Such steeds often serve Small riders that expect to face battle. See the Handle Animal skill for a list of tricks known by horses and ponies with war-training. These cousins to elephants are larger and more powerfully built. There is a nearly hairless version that dwells in southern climates and a woolly variety adapted to cold. More temperamental than elephants, they are used primarily as mounts. These tiny animals are herbivorous and can most often be found in warm forests and jungles.

Monkeys can grasp and carry objects that weigh under a pound. These playful water mammals are either used as familiars or trained to perform tricks as pets. They are surprisingly intelligent, and have been known to use rocks as simple tools, such as for opening the shells of mollusks.

Working animals, such as elephants, oxen, and yaks, are universal, but the specific kind of animal used for labor varies according to local availability.

Elephants carry goods in jungles while yaks pull loads in mountainous regions. In many other parts of the world, donkeys, mules, and oxen pull carts or plows. Domesticated pigs are the descendants of wild boars, and are raised for their meat and hide, being among the most versatile and common farm animals. Rabbits are often raised or hunted for their meat and skins, though some people keep the skittish mammals as pets.

Though they are often confused with hares, rabbits are distinctly different in that they make their homes in burrow s beneath the ground, and they are usually smaller than hares. Rabbits have the same statistics as rats.

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Raccoons are sometimes kept as pets and used by some spellcasters as familiars. These tiny rodents live everywhere and eat nearly anything. Despite having a reputation as disease -ridden scavengers, domesticated rats are clean, loyal creatures that make excellent familiars. Dire rats are vicious scavengers in the wild. However, dire rats raised in captivity can be trained as loyal pets and protectors.

Diverse omnivores, they are found anywhere the surrounding habitat allows them to live, including dungeons and underground.

Pet dire rats do not have filth fever. These livestock animals are kept for their fur, meat, and hide, and can be found in virtually any civilized settlement. They are especially prized in colder environs, where their wool and hide can be used to make durable and highly insulated clothing.

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  • Sheep have the same statistics as goats. These creatures are infamous for the overwhelmingly foul odor they produce to ward off predators. Skunks are sometimes kept as pets, though usually only after their scent glands have been removed. More information on skunks can be found in Bestiary 3. These tiny rodents are as common in the wild as rats are in cities.

    They typically eat nuts, seeds, and vegetation. Squirrels have the same statistics as rats. Flying squirrel : These Tiny squirrels use a membrane of skin between their front and hind legs to glide. They sometimes serve spellcasters as familiars. These Tiny animals eat smaller animals and can be found in nearly any environment. They are clever and curious, traits that are magnified when they are kept as familiars.

    Many varieties of weasel exude a strong musky odor. This description also applies to similar animals, such as ferrets, minks, polecats, and stoats. These hairy pachyderms are sometimes used as mounts and living siege engines.

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    These Diminutive birds usually have bright feathers and sing pleasantly. More pragmatically, they are also used in mines to detect bad air, as their small bodies are more sensitive to such things; the warning they provide gives humanoids a chance to escape before succumbing to the danger. These domesticated birds are not capable of long distance flights, and are raised for their eggs and meat. Male chickens are kept for mating and occasionally blood sport.


    Farm ducks are used for eggs, meat, and down, while wild ducks are hunted for meat. Ducks have the same statistics as ravens. This Tiny, long-winged hawk is a popular hunting bird for nobility. This Tiny, short-winged raptor is a popular hunting bird, but is utilized more often by lower nobility than by commoners without titles.

    Hawks are known for their sharp eyesight and powerful aerial dives. These Tiny birds of prey are mainly nocturnal and are known for their keen eyes and near-silent flight. Owls eat small animals and insects, and can be found in nearly any environment. Some farmers create owl homes near fields and barns to control rodent populations. The smartest owls make excellent familiars. These colorful and intelligent birds can be trained to mimic humanoid voices. They are often kept as pets by the wealthy and those who live in the tropical climates they favor.

    Parrots have the same statistics as ravens. These Tiny birds are known for their intelligence, and even play games with each other in the wild. They eat insects and can be found in surprisingly varied habitats. These small plump birds are sometimes kept as pets, but are more often used as familiars for spellcasters. They are known for their beautiful song and their potential for actual speech. These Tiny cold-blooded animals can be found in all warm regions and are often quite colorful.

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    They eat insects and have the ability to walk up walls and hang upside down. Varieties of more intelligent lizards are often selected by wizards as familiars. Larger than even what is commonly referred to as a giant gecko , these mammoth lizards have been specifically bred to be used as mounts for the drow. Prized for their ability to run along cave ceilings and sheer walls, these creatures require exotic saddles to ride.